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Filter Driers :

  Filter Driers
  Main Features :

  • High drying capacity avoids the risk of acid formation in the refrigeration system
  • Maximum working pressure up to 46 bar

• High dirt retention, down to 25 microns particles, with minimal pressure drop

  • Designed to work more than 250,000 cycles
  • Wide size range from 3 to 75 cu. in.
  • Lowest leak rate
  • Solid core - high adsorption, low attrition
  • Best refrigerant flow rate
  • Best steel wall thickness
  • Designed to stand more than 500 hrs. in salt spray chamber (special coating for    marine applications available upon request)
  • UL, CE, EN, RoHS, GOST and Chinese Manufacture License of Special equipment    certifications
  • Black paint gives a better look after brazing installation
  • No residual moisture when delivered
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