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Pressure Switches and Thermostats :

  Pressure Switches and Thermostats
  Main Features :

  Ongoing development of new technology and new features is at the very heart of Danfoss. We want our switches to be among the very best on the market - living up to your expectations.
  Low differential switching
  • Danfoss pressure controls and thermostats have either fixed or adjustable differential settings, good readability, and high accuracy of range setting with use of the scale.

Designed for various applications

  • Danfoss offers a very broad range of purpose-specific enclosures and connections.
  High reliability
  • All switches feature high accuracy, repeatability and stability over time.

Snap action contacts

  • All contacts are snap-action types, maintaining the contact force until the moment of contact break. Units with gold-plated contacts are ideal for low electrical loads while the silvercadmium contacts are developed for high loads.

Wide range of approvals

  • Danfoss offers a wide range of approvals suited for specific applications and geographical markets

High vibration stability

  • Outstanding vibration stability in switches ensures flawless operation even in heavy-duty applications.

Wide pressure ranges

  • The programme covers working ranges from -0.9 bar up to 46.5 bar.

Different sensing elements

  • As experts in charging technologies Danfoss offers temperature switches that operate in a wide temperature range.

Bellows technology

  • The lifetime of pressure control and thermostats is determined by the quality of the bellows. Using advanced technology and manufacturing processes, and being world leader backed up by more than 70 years of experience in the industry, Danfoss' bellows are manufatured without any welding points, which make them stress free and completely tight.
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