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Synthetic Polycol Easter :

Synthetic Refrigeration Lubricants

NYCOLUBE 70xx series are synthetic lubricants based on neopolyol esters.
They have been designed specifically for use in refrigeration systems working with hydrofluorocarbon as cooling fluid, the traditional mineral oils and alkyl benzene based lubricants being not compatible with these coolants.

Their excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability, their miscibility at low temperature with HFC and their very good lubricity are providing excellent performance levels and energy efficiency to the refrigeration systems.

NYCOLUBE 70xx are available in five grades of viscosity to suit a wide range of applications. Other grades can be developed to meet the requirements of more specialized refrigeration systems.

Summary of NL70xx Series -

Miscibility with R134a

The miscibility curves of NL7020 to NL7060 are shown below. In the areas below the curves, the lubricant and the coolant are two separate phases. In the areas above the curves, the lubricant and the coolant are totally miscible.

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